Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that paid social media is a big deal. Therefore, no business owner can afford to ignore it any longer – yes, even you.

Over 70% of internet users are connected to social media in one form or another while over 3 billion people are connected in one way or another. Furthermore, most social media users are more interested in their newsfeeds than their families (sorry nan), which creates a truly wonderful platform for businesses to thrive.

Social media marketing can ultimately be broken down into organic versus paid campaigns. The latter are * drumroll * the adverts where you pay a third-party to shout out about your business. It might seem like a waste of money as you could do it yourself, but you’d be wrong.

Here’s why paid social media is well worth the investment.

It’s More Effective Than Other Forms Of Paid Media

Did you know that the cost to reach 1,000 potential customers on Facebook translates to 3% of the cost needed to do it on the radio? So, if you’re going to spend money on a marketing strategy, paid social media is where your money will work hardest.

No business is going to achieve success without spending some money on marketing, as sticking to unpaid organic items will limit the reach and potentially harm the reputation. Besides, paid social media allows you to narrow your niche to a location, age group, or hobby. The control is truly in your hands.

Paid Reach

This ultimately improves lead generation, providing quantifiable results that you simply will not gain from organic or even offline marketing ventures.

The Trends Show That Paid Social Media Is The Key

In Q3 2017, organic search visits fell by 3%. While this may not seem overly significant, but the truth of the matter is that the trend has continued this year.

Paid Media Spend

Conversely, the results of paid social media are on the rise. The volume of adverts, the amount of money being spent on the concept, and hits gained from those posts are increasing. Meanwhile, CTRs (click-through rates) in the best-positioned ads are as high as 8%. This is a lot higher than the CTRs of most organic matters, including search engine results.

Besides, paid social media like PPC adverts are results based. This means that – particularly if you use an expert – the marketing budget can work far harder.

The Hare Beats The Tortoise

Childhood stories may tell us that slow and steady wins the race, but the online business arena is booming. Frankly, if you don’t want to miss the boat, you’ll need to see results ASAP.

Paid Social Media Boost

Paid social media can potentially start to bring the traffic to your site on the very same day. When opting for on-page SEO and organic social media campaigns, it could take months before the results start to show. This is due to many reasons, but primarily because only 4% of followers see the organic posts. Without visibility, you won’t gain revenue.

As an SME, you may not even have the time or funds to show that level of patience. Seeing quantifiable results right away is crucial, which is why paid social media is the answer.


Clearly, paid social is a crucial part of a level and sustainable marketing strategy. Although businesses certainly shouldn’t rely purely on paid social as a way to communicate key messages with their audience, used cleverly it can give a targetted and timely boost.

Getting the right formula can take a lot of time and experience to perfect. That is why working with someone like Make It Mana can help you get results quickly. Get in touch now to see how we can help you take your first steps towards success in paid social.