Marketing Strategy

"You wouldn't undertake an epic journey without a map, so why would you undertake an epic goal without a strategy?"

"Strategy creates a road map for your business to follow, setting direction, limiting wasted time and money."

Business marketing is no easy task. That is why our clients call upon us to deliver strong and comprehensive marketing strategies.


With a solid background in marketing and business strategy, MAKE IT MANA work with our clients to understand business goals and take a holistic approach to help them achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

We help businesses:

  • Understand their ultimate goals and communicate them concisely
  • Develop an understanding of how business marketing can help them achieve these goals
  • Offer advice on the best tools and techniques for leveraging certain aspects of marketing to your benefit
  • Create actionable marketing strategies that can easily be followed and executed
  • Filter overarching strategies into focused elements such as email marketing and social media strategy.

Plan. Execute. Achieve.

Without a solid marketing strategy a vast amount of time and money can be spent on going nowhere fast. Having a strategy in place offers a number of benefits which must not be overlooked. Although setting strategies themselves often come at an upfront cost of time and money, ultimately it will save you both of these in spades.

Benefits of setting a marketing strategy include the fact that it offers a clear and easy to understand set of business priorities and sets a clear direction that the business should be travelling in. This also allows everyone involved in the business to be on the same page and limits confusion and back lash against why they are being asked to do what they are.

MAKE IT MANA have expertise in helping businesses better define their business goals and then helping them understand exactly how they can seek to achieve them. Our experience ranges from creating overarching and holistic marketing strategies for a range of businesses through to much more specific strategies with a focus on our key speciality areas including influencer, social and content marketing.

Many clients approach Make It Mana with some idea of what they are hoping to achieve and how they want to get there. In these cases we help by adding a much more granular level of understanding and applying our expertise and knowledge to their strategy to make it as easy as possible.

Want to grow but not sure how? Know what you want to achieve but not clear on how to get there? Have a strategy that needs strengthening? Contact us now to help.

Marketing Strategy in action...