Social Media Advertising

"Well planned and executed social media campaigns are a proven way to create a buzz around your brand, achieve marketing goals and ultimately make more sales."

"Over 50 percent of B2B marketers rank social media as a 'very' or 'somewhat' low cost ad option."

Social media advertising offers a high-impact, super targeted way to reach your customers. Paid social media can help brands get in front of the right people at the right time with ease.


However, without the right knowledge, this can all lead to wasted costs and puzzling results.

At MAKE IT MANA we work with our clients to:

  • Understand their marketing goals and create social advertisements that contribute directly to achieving them
  • Work to create super-targeted custom audiences for your ads, limiting wasted money advertising to those that don’t count
  • Generating high-impact graphics and copy that represent your business and stands out on busy social media platforms.

Reach the right audience to grow your business...

Social media has completely changed the way that consumers interact with media. Walk down any busy street, into any coffee shop or bar and you will see people with their eyes fixed on their phone, likely scrolling through one of the popular social media channels.

Let us run a few numbers past you:

Facebook currently has 2,167,000,000 active users
YouTube currently have 1,500,000,000 active users
Instagram currently has 800,000,000 active users

It is undeniable that peoples attention is grabbed by social media and if your brand wants their attention you should be there too. Building an organic social media following is certainly a great way to promote your brand, but as algorithms change so too does the potential reach of your business on these platforms. Using social media advertising opens up a vast range of potential clients to your brand. By using high-converting ads with highly-targeted audience you can create the sort of traction in times that are near impossible with organic.

Benefits of setting a marketing strategy include the fact that it offers a clear and easy to understand set of business priorities and sets a clear direction that the business should be travelling in. This also allows everyone involved in the business to be on the same page and limits confusion and back lash against why they are being asked to do what they are.

MAKE IT MANA are experts in social media advertising. Our team have experience in digesting business needs and goals and generating ads that create a huge impact in those areas. We understand the technicalities around the top social media platforms and how to combine this understanding with creativity to make social adverts that stand out to the people that matter most to your business.

Many clients approach MAKE IT MANA with some idea of what they are hoping to achieve and how they want to get there. In these cases, we help by adding a much more granular level of understanding and applying our expertise and knowledge to their strategy to make it as easy as possible.

Run social ads before with little success? Never tried them but want to see what benefit they could bring to your business? Want to increase reach, engagement and followers on your businesses social media? Contact us now.

Social Media Advertising in action...