Social Media Marketing

"Social media has completely changed the marketing landscape. Where previously marketing was about transmitting message, now conversations are the most important element"

"30% of all time spent online is allocated to social media interaction"

MAKE IT MANA offer a much-needed solution to social media marketing for busy and growing businesses.


Our approach not only takes an important but time consuming task off your plate but you also benefit from our expert understanding of social media platforms and what works with growing and engaging potential customers on them.

We work with customers to:

  • Take a viral marketing approach to writing social-focused copy that engages users
  • Research your market, allowing you to grow and benefit from the best social media marketing tactics such as hashtags and geotagging
  • Create beautiful visual content that makes your business stand out against the crowd
  • Seamlessly publish social media content to ensure consistent content across the board.

Engage Customers. Build Trust. Deliver Value.

It is undeniable that consumers attention is on social media. Often your business social media feeds are your audiences first port of call when looking for further information or the latest news from your business. It is also a tool that used widely by consumers as a discovery platform to fund new products and services that are going to make their life easier or better in some way.

Most businesses understand that they need a social media presence. Yet many don't quite grasp the fact that your social media directly represents your business in the online world. Therefore an active, on point and well maintained business account can make your business shine. On the other hand a bare and rarely updated account can make your business look dormant, inactive and even make visitors question whether you are still operating.

We truly understand how social media works and how to create and execute on the content that gets business noticed. Our team is made up of social media experts and enthusiasts that have great experience in running the social media accounts of businesses that understand the importance of social media, want to grow but do not want the hassle of consistently maintaining their accounts.

Our approach is to truly understand your business, what you want to achieve and develop and deliver the social content that is going to help you achieve that. We work quietly behind the scenes to get this done, informing you or progress and growth so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Many clients approach MAKE IT MANA with some idea of what they are hoping to achieve and how they want to get there. In these cases, we help by adding a much more granular level of understanding and applying our expertise and knowledge to their strategy to make it as easy as possible.

Know the power of social media, but don't have the time to execute on it? Want to grow your engagement and following on social? Need a helping hand to create expert content and keep your feed consistent? Contact us now.

Social Media Marketing in action...