Content Marketing

"Written content is the voice of your brand. Get it right and you create a powerful dialogue with your customers. Get it wrong and you can turn an audience off immediately"

"In busy and loud modern markets, having a clear and concise brand voice can make you stand out in the noise"

MAKE IT MANA are experts in delivering expert content marketing that packs a punch.


Our clients benefit from years of experience in business-focused written content. Our approach goes way beyond being a ‘content factory’, focusing on quality, applicability and compelling readers to undertake desired actions.

To do this MAKE IT MANA:

  • Understand your business and create a powerful voice that represents it
  • Create search engine optimised blogs, articles and thought leadership pieces
  • Write powerful website copy that compels visitors to take action
  • Consistently create high-impact copy for social media content and email campaigns.

Boost SEO. Engage Prospects. Build Brand.

Content is king. In a modern, digital led world, your brand is digested via the content which it creates. Many elements make this up from videos, graphic design and photography through to written content on web, social media and other digital communications.

In a busy and loud modern market many business messages get lost in the noise. Having powerful, concise and value led copy will cut through the noise and make your business stand out. Not only do you benefit from increased brand value through good copy, buy you also benefit from increased reach. This is both because smart search engine optimised content getting you higher on the pages of search engines such as Google but also because great copy gets shared and this has a massive knock-on effect an impact on the visibility of your business.

Make It Mana creates copy that really counts. We have frontline experience in creating compelling written content for businesses in industries ranging from global food and drink producers and web based services through to male skincare brands and innovative travel businesses.

Our approach means we seek to first understand two key elements that make a huge difference in quality communications; how you want to appear as a business and how customers want to be communicated with. This approach allows us to develop copy that makes a huge impact on how the content is created and how it is digested by the reader.

Many clients approach Make It Mana with some idea of what they are hoping to achieve and how they want to get there. In these cases we help by adding a much more granular level of understanding and applying our expertise and knowledge to their strategy to make it as easy as possible.

Need some awesome written content for your business? Want to climb your way up the search engine rankings? Feel your brand tone of voice could do with a little tweaking? Contact us now.

Content marketing in action...