This page outlines our MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE commitment. You won’t find any marketing spiel or any reference to our services here. This page has been created to outline our commitment to sustainability and to hold us accountable for delivering on that commitment.


Unfortunately, creating a sustainable planet can no longer be achieved simply by growing sustainable and green businesses. We have collectively driven our planet to a point where to achieve sustainability, we need to move the needle backwards, not just slow it down or stop it.

Of course, the best answer is that we all sell our cars, ban plastics and move into caves with no power…but let’s be realistic. As humans we need businesses, we need productive economies and we have become accustomed to the luxuries they provide ourselves with.

This commitment has been created to prove that we can run profitable businesses that have a positive impact on our local environment and the planet.

Our commitment

Here is our commitment and promise…

  1. We commit to continuously seeking ways to improve the sustainability of MAKE IT MANA and to apply them in any case that is practical.
  2. We commit 1% of our entire turnover to a ‘green fund’ which will be used to make a positive impact on our planet.
  3. We commit to always consider planet sustainability when making business decisions and to mitigate any potential negative impacts we have whenever possible.

Green fund

We have noticed that it is popular for businesses to commit a certain percentage of profit to charitable causes. Although this is brilliant, it offers businesses an easy way. Clever accounting can easily lead to profits being minimised with no real impact on the business. We have committed 1% of our entire turnover as it is a clean-cut way to commit to the causes we care about.

Our green fund will be used in the following ways:

  • Donations to local and national projects or charities that we believe are having or have the potential to make the biggest positive impact on our environment and the health of our planet
  • Investment in other green and sustainable businesses (any profit made from investments will be re-invested in the fund)
  • Investment in MAKE IT MANA to make key improvements for sustainability.

Always improvingĀ 

The MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE commitment is ever-evolving. We are just starting our journey into creating a business that is great for our clients, great for us and great for the environment. We will certainly make some mistakes along the way and will constantly update how this commitment works as we continue to educate ourselves on how best we can move forward.

We take our inspiration from bigger brands who are proving you can be profitable and ethical in your approach to business. In turn, we hope in time that we can act as an inspiration to other small and medium-sized businesses. Showing them that they can have a measurable positive impact on their local environment and the planet as a whole.


If you have any questions about the MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE commitment or any ideas, get in touch hello@makeitmana.comĀ