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At MAKE IT MANA we recognise that our everyday actions have a negative impact on our environment. We are fully committed to lowering this impact as much as possible.

Giving Back & Offsetting


We understand that we are never going to be able to fully cancel all negative impacts we have on the environment. However, we can take as many opportunities as we can to lower our impact and offset our it wherever possible. 

As part of our giving back and offsetting initiative, we are working with Ecologi to offset carbon and create a carbon positive workforce. You can see our progress and even donate to our virtual (and real) forest by visiting our page here:

Sustainability Policy


Remaining profitable and offering our customers great value will always be of paramount importance to us at MAKE IT MANA. Wherever possible and financially viable it is our policy to:




  • Only travel to see clients when absolutely necessary and to take the most sustainable mode of transport possible when we do so

  • To promote environmentally friends methods for commuting to our office (walking, cycling etc)




  • To always recycle waste where possible

  • To avoid the use of paper, opting instead for digital copies such as PDF files

  • To reuse waste paper where ever possible

  • To only purchase recycled materials (printer paper, note pads, pencils etc)

  • To recycle, resell or repurpose equipment that is no longer required (laptops, printers etc)


Products & Services


  • To always consider whether a product is truly necessary before purchasing

  • To avoid products of a disposable nature or those that contain single-use plastics

  • To always take the most environmentally friendly option when making purchases

  • To always opt for a renewable source of energy over others

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