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🌲 The MAKE IT MANA Forest Grew in 2021

In our quest to create the most environmentally positive version of MAKE IT MANA possible, back in 2019, we teamed up with the good folks over at Ecologi to help offset the small amount of carbon emissions we create from activities such as travel and powering our office.

Our first goal is always to eliminate any negative impact we may have, but we also understand that in the modern world this is almost impossible to do in its entirety. That is why we work with Ecologi.

Ecologi is a subscription service for businesses and individuals that allows you to calculate your carbon output and in turn, plant trees to offset these emissions. It is an easy and fun way to help improve the world. Every time you plant a real tree with Ecologi, a virtual one pops up in your virtual forest.

We are super proud to announce that the MAKE IT MANA forest is now home to 415 trees. For more information on how we reduce our impact on the environment, you can read our sustainability statement here.

Plus, if you fancy making the world a little bit better in 2022, you can sign up for Ecologi by using our special link.


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