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TVC Oxford

Varsity Alpina Marketing Campaign 

The Challenge

We were asked by our regular client TVC Oxford to help them launch a new and exciting campaign to promote their new Alpina Winter Terrace and Alpina Winter Pod experience. 

Our main objective was to develop a digital presence and promotion for the new feature at the bar. The key indicators of success for this project focused on generating exposure with the relevant audience and driving valuable bookings through an online booking system.



The Solution


We sat down with the client to work out exactly what they wanted to achieve from this campaign. After these discussions, we worked to develop a clear marketing strategy, a marketing plan and set KPIs to monitor success throughout. 


The campaign focused on driving traffic to a central landing page where visitors could find more information on the winter terrace and make a booking. At this stage, we delivered professional, search engine optimised copy and worked closely with our web development and production partners to create a compelling and clear landing page. 

We then delivered on the promotional aspects of the campaign, driving engagement, awareness and relevant traffic to the site. 

This included executing:

  • Expert copywriting 

  • Organic social media management and engagement

  • Multiple paid social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Encouraging, collecting and repurposing valuable user-generated content (UGC)

Throughout the campaign, we also meet regularly with the clients, delivering progress reports and making changes based on data. 

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 11.28.51.png

The Results

Although we are unable to share exact metrics on the campaign, we can tell you that the client was delighted and their expectations were exceeded. 

Bookings for the roof terrace during and after the campaign were far greater in number and value than comparative periods.


(Pictured: Professional marketing shots & user-generated content (UGC))

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