Bishop Nick: Social Media

We worked with Bishop Nick on two aspects of social media. Firstly, we helped them to maintain a solid foothold through social media management and then helped them grow through clever tactics and paid advertising.


Bishop Nick, a leading British brewery wanted to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to their online shop through the application of clever social media marketing.

We worked with them to:

  • Fully understand their social media marketing requirements and produce a comprehensive plan to meet them
  • Undertake day-to-day posting on their site with high-impact and relevant content
  • Undertake a viral marketing approach, ┬áincreasing weekly reach by 1459% and weekly impressions by 103%
  • Creating a professional Instagram account and organically growing the audience to over 100 followers.


Bishop Nick is a traditional British brewery based in Essex, UK. They produce world class beers that are sold primarily within the local area, keeping their product as high quality and environmentally friendly as they possibly can.

The team behind the brewery understood that social media marketing was a good way to support the ambition for growth that they held. The increase of online attention was of particular interest as they had recently on-boarded a stockist that could take online orders and deliver beer directly to their customers.

We were briefed to help them leverage the power of social media marketing and social advertising to bring traffic to their online shop, boost their audience and increase the reach of their key messaging amongst potential customers.


We kicked off the process by ensuring we fully understood their requirements and undertook a full digital marketing audit of the business. This ensured we would add value to the key areas where they would make the most difference.

Once we had all this information to hand we went on to produce a social media marketing strategy for Bishop Nick. This detailed day-to-day running of their Facebook and Twitter account, including content ideas and themes that could be used on an ongoing basis.

We also made recommendations to expand their reach onto the Instagram platform and developed a marketing plan for growing their position there.

Finally, we provided the team with a strategy for social media advertising, using key hooks such as competitions to increase the value that paid social posts could bring to them.

After the plans and strategies had been agreed we moved ahead with managing their social accounts on their behalf, building their Instagram account and executing on social ads. These were all applied with great success, with the business seeing an increased weekly reach of social posts by 1495% and increased weekly impression by 103%. The Instagram account saw immediate success, with us building their audience to over 100 high-quality, organic followers.